Eğitimin Kapsamı ve Hedefleri

The FRM Exam is a pencil and paper multiple choice exam given in two parts. It is offered exclusively in English, twice a year in May and November, in person at approximately 90 Exam sites around the world. This approach ensures that there is fairness and consistency for all candidates globally.
Each part of the FRM Exam is four hours long. Part I consists of 100 multiple choice questions and Part II contains 80 multiple choice questions. Part I is offered in the morning session and Part II in the afternoon session of each Exam administration.

The FRM Exam tests progressive, cumulative knowledge; the concepts tested in Part I are needed for Part II. Thus candidates choosing to sit for both Exams — Part I and Exam Part II — on the same day, must pass Part I before Part II will be graded.

In order to become a Certified FRM after passing the FRM Exam Part II, candidates must demonstrate a minimum of two years of risk-related full-time professional experience.


Kimler Katılabilir

  • Financial Risk Manager
  • Corporate Treasurer
  • Risk Analyst
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Fund Manager
  • Legal & Compliance Professional
  • Securities Dealing & Settlement Professional
  • Financial Controller
  • Risk Technology I.T. Developers
  • Banking Internal / External Auditor
  • Risk Consultants
  • Financial Advisor


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